Serbia To Germany Immigrant Pilot Project 2018-2021

Business Consulting Group


Flight School Academy.

2018 to 2024  APC Holdings Corp Projects Plans

  • Cocoa Beach Florida Affordable Housing Community.
  • Cocoa Beach Florida Aviation School and Aircraft Factory.
  • Cocoa Beach Florida APC Educational Charter Community Center.
  • Cocoa Beach Florida APC Veteran Affordable Housing Community and Hospital.
  • School Multi Dormitories Students & Visitors
  •  Multi-Center Sport Dome
  • Food Court
  • Hospital


Multi Families Educational Complex.

Elementary To High School & University. 

American Built Custom Commercial & Military Aircraft 

The Immigration problem has been chaotic for parts of Europe, Germany and also parts of Serbia. With the border to Greece. APC Holdings Corp with the collaboration of our European Technical Team with Italian National Francesco Guido Vianello and German National Martines Giuseppe on Monday the 10th of November 2016 gave birth to the planning of Serbia To Germany Immigrant Pilot Project 2018-2021. The project proposal that we will submit if approved by the government will be the developing result of the future of each Immigrant. It will also be the future of satellite cities in the region to provide safety to the actual citizens and immigrant families that are now a part of the new cultures.