APC Holdings Corp., will develop solar energy  in each of their construction sites from low end to high end. Saving energy is APC's Priority 

APC Holdings Corp. and it's team always strive to remain up to date on all environmental issues and today's market because we care.


  Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is our team success.


Marsha Brooks Chief Executive Officer APC Holdings Corpcomes from a Cascade of Financial Mortgage Services as Entrepreneur, she began offering conventional financing terms that were previously unavailable to buyers of Residential & Commercial Properties.  APC HOLDINGS CORP.,has combined thirty years experience,  originated to help FHA, VA, USDA, and conventional loan products as our Chief Executive Founder continues to answer the needs of the Home Industry.  APC Holdings Corporation's mission is to serve a worldwide customer base providing innovative international trading and logistics solutions that recognize the value of customer care in today's diversified financial market.

Mikal Sabir Henderson, Architect, Sustainability Consultant, Urban Planner, Construction Program Manager. Core Competencies: Research and application of emerging sustainable energy technologies. Integration of sustainable technologies and Architectural design. Design/ Build Turn Key management from Design to Operation. Expertise in Solar, wind, water geothermal, biofuel and energy/ water conservation technologies.  Mr. Henderson has 25 years’ experience in architecture, construction, sustainable design. Designed or managed over $1 billion in project construction value. Qualifications: NCARB Certified # 27632; State registration #3971, Contractors license # 775137, Master’s Degree in Architecture, Urban Planning, George Washington Carver Award for Sustainability, Awarded the American Institute of Architects Scholastic Achievement award for his study of passive solar design.


Our Key Starts Here

Mr. Richard Persinger was formerly with Morgan Stanley Wealth Management Team. Mr. Persinger has more than twenty years combined experience in the financial and trade markets. Mr. Persinger a graduate of Oregon University has been involved with several civic and community organizations primarily in Lake Oswego. Mr. Persinger brings extensive knowledge and many professional relationships to APC Holdings Corp both in financial and community work. 



APC HOLDINGS CORP is focused on making the world a better and environmentally safe place to live. With our upcoming projects using the latest techniques for sustainable energy.  We combine our team efforts to provide the best housing, educational buildings and hospitals. Being the first of its kind the  leader in new developments that the world can follow

Once we have executive buy-in, we oversee the implementation process from start to finish.


Our professional staff includes  MBAs,  certified engineers, and securities  experts. We also have special expertise in government financial negotiations, especially Europe and Latin America for project needs.   

 Mr. Giuseppe Martines, for more than a decade, carries out activities of representation and coordination within the Guido Vianello & Partners Group. Mr. Martines being of Italian citizenship  is currently operating in the European Market. Mr. Martines is the European interface for APC HOLDINGS CORPORATION,  Mr. Martines, being of Italian citizenship  is currently operating in the representative offices in Germany. He is the European interface for every Private Entity that ask support for their needs to the APC HOLDINGS CORPORATION.

APC Holdings Corpalong with the team will develop methods to assist with the proper strategy for high and low-income construction. APC is proud of its developers who are leaders in the field.

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Business Consulting Group


 Mr. Peter Noeken, and  NOEKEN UND Partner Architect, and Design Company associate to Guido Vianello & Partners Group is the exclusive reference for the development of all projects for Private and Government entities in Europe for APC Holdings Corporation. NOEKEN COMPANY has twenty years of experience in the development of Massive projects in Government and Multinational Companies. The representative Architect Peter Noeken is the coordinator for the technical design and development of activities carried out by APC HOLDINGS CORPORATIONthrough the European reference Guido Vianello and Partners Group.


Dr. Francesco Guido Vianello,is the European representative for  APC HOLDINGS CORPORATIONGraduated in Economy, Specialized Masters in International Finance and Marketing Strategies, Master in Financial Consulting for Development and Sustainability of Government projects. Dr. Vianello with the assistance of APC Holdings Corp has developed Financial Investment plans to meet the needs of governments and private entities .Mr. Vianello during the years he has also collaborated in the development of the Commercial Network of American Express Co. Italian Branch, and also carried out work activities with groups such as” Midas Finanziaria Gesfin . All companies specializing in Financial consulting, Capital and Asset Investment in profitable Investment Programs, to obtain profits for the development of Private and Governmental projects.